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Jiajiang tea is exported to the countries along “The Belt and Road”


On 19th, February, the launching ceremony of the tea exporting from Huayi to Uzbekistan was opened in Mucheng town.

Vice county mayor, county chief Qi Bing, vice county chief Li Pingwu, manager of Huayi tea company Fang Yikai attended in the ceremony.

Qi Bing made a speech in the ceremony, with 2000 years’ history, Jiajiang is an important tea source area in China, which output ranks on the second place in Sichuan province. Recently years, Jiajiang has built 180000 acres of demonstration region of tea material, with the output value of 5 billion. Jiajiang has exported 230000 tons of tea, which ranks on the first place of tea exporting in the counties of Sichuan.

In the ceremony, the manager Fang Yikai of Sichuan Huayi tea company introduced the exporting situation and the development of the company.

After the launching ceremony, the staffs of Huayi company were busy at the working of the 120 tons of tea which was about to export to Uzbekistan.

All the 22 town officers in Jiajiang county, many responsible persons of relevant department in the government and company attended the ceremony. 

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