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Brief Intro of Sichuan tea

About Sichuan, China


Tea Plantation in Sichuan, China, Sichuan (四川), often written Szechuan, is an inland province in central to western China. It is not well-known for its tea production, although it does produce some high-quality teas.


Sichuan briefly shares a border with Guizhou in the southeast, and a larger border with Yunnan to the southwest.


In the West, this province is best known for its spicy foods; Szechuan cuisine is one of the influences on American Chinese food, and authentic food from this region has recently become more popular as well.

Climate and geography

Sichuan covers a large area and has a diverse climate. Although parts of the province have a humid subtropical climate with precipitation following the same monsoon pattern as much of China, the climate of much of Sichuan is considerably more arid than provinces farther to the south and east. Desertification is a major problem in Sichuan, particularly in the most arid parts to the northwest. Tea can only be grown in the wetter parts of the province.


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