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Hua Yi Tea Taking the Road+Rail Combined International Train to achieve "Door-to-Door" Delivery

"I announce: the export of international train is leaving now!" On September 19, following the order, container trucks full of Jiajiang summer and autumn tea arrived from the The Sichuan Huayi Tea Factory in the ancient town of Mucheng by the Qingyi River slowly drove out to Uzbekistan, one of the countries with the highest per capita tea consumption in the world. This is the fourth special tea train of Glory International since Jiajiang County opened the first special tea train in Sichuan history to go abroad in April last year.


"There are 35 containers in total, with a net weight of 800 tons and a value of 2.7 million US dollars." Fang Yikai, the head of Sichuan Huayi Tea Co., Ltd., a tea exporter this time, introduced. Tea is sold to the international market.

Sichuan Huayi Tea Industry Co., Ltd. is a modern private tea enterprise integrating the construction of tea garden base, the primary refining and processing of tea, the scientific research and promotion of tea, and the self-operated export of tea. The company has two well-known international tea brands, "Huayi" and "Saen". The export markets are mainly in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. The annual export volume and foreign exchange earnings of tea ranks first in the same industry in Sichuan. The company began to export tea by itself in 2019, and opened 3 special trains for Central Asia International Tea with 50 containers each in April last year, November and February this year. The tea shipped this time is the newly opened "China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan" international train line. Compared with the traditional line, this new line has shortened nearly 500 kilometers and can save 3 to 5 days of transportation time. According to Fang Yikai, chairman of Huayi Tea Industry Co., Ltd., a total of 35 containers were exported by the "China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan" special train, totaling 800 tons of tea, and the value of the goods was 2.7 million US dollars. The second international tea train of "China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan" will be shipped in November.

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